Layar for Symbian is Here!

Chris Cameron March 2, 2011

Today, Layar is very excited to announce that after much development and testing, the Layar Reality Browser is now available on the Symbian platform. This has been a long-awaited and highly anticipated release for Layar, but today we are proud to introduce a truly terrific augmented reality experience for Symbian devices.

Owners of S60 and Symbian^3 devices with GPS, front-facing camera, compass and accelerometer (see list of supported devices below) can now rediscover the world around them using Layar’s augmented reality browser.

“Augmented reality is changing the way people view the world,” said Raimo Van Der Klein, CEO and co-founder of Layar. “Layar’s goal is to bring the AR experience into people’s every day lives and with this offering we are able to provide Nokia users with that rich digital experience on their mobile phones.”

We are proud to help bring augmented reality to masses, and with Nokia and Symbian - which remain juggernauts in the mobile industry with millions of users and devices in the market - we are significantly closer to that goal.

Layar for Symbian is available now for download in the Ovi Store, and is compatible with these devices:

  • Symbian^3 - Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7

  • S60 - Nokia N97, Nokia N97-mini

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your device to latest Symbian firmware in order to ensure a smooth augmented reality experience.

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  1. Rok

    You working on the app to be available for other Nokia Symbian phones as well? Such as N96... :)

  2. Hey! Really nice to see that app coming to Symbian.

    But application on my N8 crashed every times I wanted to open a Layar!

  3. Not for Nokia 5800?
    when is the release for 5800?

  4. Layar is available on the Symbian handsets that have the required hardware (GPS/Accelerometer/Compass). These are N8, C7, C6-01, E7, N97 and N97-mini. We wish we could be available on the other devices as well, but unfortunately they are not Layar-compatible.

    @Camb078 Please update your device's firmware;)

  5. @Martin My N8 is already running the last PR1.1

  6. Simply fantastic!

  7. My E55 has GPS, accelerometer and compass - so why isn't it compatible?

  8. Steven


    Layar is always doing an exit when i want to view through the camera. Nokia N8 with PR1.1

  9. For the Nokia N8 users with whom the app crashes I suggest first checking whether the newer firmware is available and if yes- updating to the latest firmware.

    If you already have the latest firmware it could be that another Qt-based application like Nokia Bubbles is causing the failure. It is well-documented that sometimes Nokia Bubbles installs a beta Qt version 4.7.1 which may cause OVI store or other Qt-based apps (like Layar) to fail ( To ensure proper work of Layar and restore non-beta version of Qt please uninstall Nokia Bubbles.

    Please let us know if you still have problems, we're really working on getting the best quality experience for you guys. Thanks!

  10. How to uninstall Nokia Bubbles

    This will completely uninstall Nokia Bubbles and restore a non-beta version of Qt (the same that is shipped in software PR1.1).

    1. Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Installed apps
    2. Long-press on Bubblelock (or Nokia Bubbles) from the list and select Uninstall
    3. Install qtdowngrade.sis to C:/Phone Memory (Important to install to correct drive!)
    4. Go to application grid and select Options -> Organise.
    5. Long-press on QtExamples folder and select Delete.
    6. Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Installed apps
    7. Long-press on qtdowngrade from the list and select Uninstall
    8. Reboot

  11. @Barry I am sorry but we only support touchscreen devices.

  12. Works Great... but only if i don't open a Layar..
    Please fix this!
    (N8 already on PR1.1 and no Nokia Bubbles installed)

  13. Crash on N8 with PR 1.1, QT 4.7 installed. Given all the effort already made for getting that symbian version, it worth solving qt 4.7 bug (it seems like a single major bug - working with camera); and as you already noticed, it's easy to reproduce.

  14. Yeah, true. Major major bug with Qt 4.7. Not once will it succeed in accessing the camera. A definite crash every time. Get to fixing it already guys!

    And it seems there's a bug here too. Says Please enter a valid website address or leave this field blank. When it already is blank. No spaces or anything I might have done without knowing. Double, triple checked. Now I shall put in some bogus site.

  15. shiv179

    Awesome app, works well!!
    Thanks for the great work!!
    A nice refreshing, innovative app for my N8 :)

  16. Thanks for the feedback guys - we're investigating the issue thoroughly and will keep you updated. Just hang in there!

  17. @GasPanic
    @Abdullah Usman

    Could you please help us to fix the issue by letting me know what is the firmware version* of the device that you're using, whether Qt Bubbles are installed and whether Qt4.7 is installed?

    * to check the firmware version please dial *#0000# and it will look something like 12.0.11 or 13.0.13.

  18. Great app, but it doesn't work on my C7 (PR1.1 and FW 013.016), without Nokia Bubbles installed.

  19. not working in my N8...It exits in the welcome page itself...i didnt install nokia bubbles...

  20. Nokia X6 has all the required hardware.. so why its left out?

  21. We've fixed the crashing issue which was caused by incompatibility with Qt 4.7! Now it should work without problems. The new version will be available in the OVI store shortly. Thank you all for your patience and feedback!

  22. nokia n8 pr 1.1 is "preparing instalation"....
    reinstalled a few times and got stuck there.

  23. Great app, but it doesn’t work on my N8 (PR1.1 and FW 013.016).
    I have Qt 4.7 and Nokia Bubbles installed. Plz tell when corrected version is on OVI store - I can't find it yet...

  24. App seems good, but screen brightness is an issue - while outdoors even while there's a heavy overcast, you can barely see anything on screen, it's just too dim. Screen brightness is okay for indoor use, but app like this really isn't supposed to be used indoors.

    It seems that the app doesn't use ambient light sensor at all and screen brightness is fixed.

    Using Nokia N8-00 with latest firmware (PR 1.1)

  25. @Martin

    No nokia bubbles installed but QT 4.7.
    Firmware is PR1.1 - 013.016
    Hope to see new version on Ovi store soon!
    (if i downgrade to Qt 4.6 Ovi Store wont work!)

  26. @Ankit
    Sadly the Nokia X6 doesn't have a compass (hardware sensor) build in (see for detailed device specs) and for this reason is not compatible with Layar and other Augmented Reality apps (e.g. Wikitude). The compass is needed for the software to know in which direction you point your device.

  27. Does it works on 5800 Xpressmusic ??

  28. d man

    i have a n86 with all the spec mentioned why doesnt it work? i am fed up of nokia android here i come

  29. Martinus

    Fqtdowngrade.sis in step 3 in Martin's comment (March 3 2011 at 16:00) can be found here:

  30. Tauseef

    Its showing unavailable on ovi store for nokia . i guess its compatible with nokia N8.??

  31. Mike

    cannot find in ovi store.

    device is:
    Nokia N8
    FW Version:
    Belle 111.030.0609(latest)
    *no nokia bubbles

    c'mon man.... please work on this..

  32. Xavier

    I've a nokia 700 with the last firmware
    the nokia 700 has a GPS, accelerometer and compass and it's tactile... so why on the ovi store it's say me note compatible with your device ???

  33. Shineeth

    when i click on the link, i m getting "Sorry, this item is no longer available."

  34. Rogier

    Same here! A search via device (N8) or store doesn't help either! Suggestions anyone?

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