Feeling Lucky? Find Your St. Paddy’s Day Pot of Gold

Chris Cameron March 17, 2011

Watch out that you don’t get pinched today, because that’s your fate should you fail to adorn yourself with something green. Yes, it’s that time of year again where everyone abandons their differences and unites under a common nationality - the Irish!

St. Patrick’s Day began as a day of feast in honor of Ireland’s favorite patron saint, but now it’s an excuse for everyone to find the Irish in them, wear green, chase leprechauns to the pot of gold and - of course - drink lots of beer. Green beer, especially!

And who are we to get in the way of a good time? So here’s a couple of layers you can use to find your way to a memorable St. Paddy’s (not Patty’s) Day.

Irish Pub - [Launch now!]

If you’re not in Ireland, you’ll need to find a good Irish Pub, and what better way than with the help of Layar? And what better name for this kind of layer than “Irish Pub”? The Irish Pub layer from HPSC has a database of over 1400 authentic Irish pubs, so chances are there’s one in your area. Simply navigate to this layer and you’re on your way to a hearty celebration that will make you think you’ve teleported to Dublin. - [Launch now!]

But maybe you’re the kind who takes this holiday seriously, making a pilgrimage to the land of the Irish. In that case, check out the layer, the “definitive guide to what to do in Ireland,” with news, entertainment venues, eateries, hotels, activities and - wait for it - pubs! Over 3,000 pubs, to be exact! With that many how can you ever choose? Don’t worry, we have faith in you.

With these two layers in your pocket, a good time is inevitable. Enjoy yourselves, be safe, and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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